In a conversation for Guitar World, Queen‘s iconic guitarist Brian May unveil rare information about the common trait of him and Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page: ‘We went to the same primary school.’

As you might recall, Queen’s Brian May was voted as the number one in the list of ‘The 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time’ with the votes of Total Guitar readers. Following Brian, the guitar masters Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Eddie Van Halen, and Eric Clapton were added to the list.

In a recent interview for Guitar World, Brian May talked about the guitar legends who had an influence on his musical development. He mentioned how honored he was competing against so many great musicians and being chosen as the greatest guitarist of all time.

Furthermore, Brian was asked about the impact of Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page on his guitar playing. Apparently, Brian and Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page had something in common other than music. Even though they weren’t in the same year, Brian and Jimmy went to the same primary school.

Here’s what Brian May stated about the relationship he and Jimmy Page had:

“He’s almost my generation, but a little bit older, and we went to the same primary school, although he was, I think, two or three years above me – and that’s a lot when you’re small. So I always looked up to him, I gotta say because he’s kind of a local boy to me.

Strangely enough, we live quite close to each other at the moment. To me, he’s a master of invention, that’s what I would say. And he’s a major, major force in defining what heavy rock became as it was being born. I never get fed up of listening to those Zeppelin albums, and I never will.”

He continued:

“And it’s a funny feeling as well because we were boys trying to do our thing and hoping that one day we might be rock stars and live their life, and listening to ‘Communication Breakdown’ and ‘Good Times Bad Times,’ I remember I had that feeling of, ‘Oh my god, he’s doing what I want to do and I either have to give up or else I have to try bloody hard.'”

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