Queen icon Brian May had a recent interview with Alex Jones (The One Show) and revealed a secret heartwarming thing Freddie Mercury used to do for his friends.

Here is what Brian May said:

“He was a photographer. He loved his Polaroids. He used to take masses of Polaroids of all his friends, portraits, and then give them all away.

It was just one of Freddie’s things. Very generous nature, Freddie. He loved photography.”

Brian also shared his opinions about Bohemian Rhapsody:

“They did an incredible job with that. Every nut and bolt… It’s very clever. The boys, the four of them [who played Queen], are unbelievable.

They lived us. They didn’t really act it. They became us and believed it, and we believed them. Rami’s sensational, he’s got every award under the sun now.”

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