Queen guitarist Brian May spoke in an interview with NewsWeek and revealed what they really expect from Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody.

He said ‘Nobody expected it to be that huge.’ and continued:

“We thought it would do quite well. We didn’t expect it to be a record-breaking blockbuster,” May says. “Delighted” with the film, he praises the attention to detail in its sets, costumes and dialogue. Rami Malek, who plays Freddie Mercury is “colossal,” he adds. “What an incredible performance he gives. He just became Freddie.”

Back in December 2018, LouderSound asked ‘Did you really play your Red Special guitar with a violin bow, like in the film trailer?’. May responded:

No. The funny thing is, the trailer people work from film stock which is their own. So a lot of what’s in the trailers is not in the movie. The scene with me and the bow was shot as part of a bunch of experimental things. We weren’t there for the shoot.

And when I saw it I went: “No, that’s not what happened. And don’t let’s even pretend it happened, because that’s a Jimmy Page thing, that’s not me.” But the trailer people liked it. That’s all I can say. But no, you won’t see that in the movie.

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