During the recent interview with Louder Sound, Queen guitarist Brian May has revealed how he felt when he watch Bohemian Rhapsody.

Interviewer said ‘how do you feel when you watch it – happy, sad, nostalgic?’ and Brian responded:

“All of that, yeah. Joy and horror and sadness and all those big emotions. I’ve seen it hundreds of times now, in fragments and eventually coming together, and it still gets me, I must say. It’s very emotional. It’s all about Freddie.

Yes, we are in there, but the story is about Freddie and that was always the aim. Obviously Freddie is so precious to us. One of the great breakthroughs early on was [screenwriter] Peter Morgan saying: “This is a film about family.” It’s about all the stuff that happens in a family – some good, some bad, the going away, the searching for independence and then the nurture of the family.

It’s a film about that stuff, on one level, and then it’s about Freddie’s emerging talent, his amazing resilience and sense of humour.

On their Live Aid at Wembley performance, he said:

“It was an amazing moment. And pretty much unexpected, because we were the last band to be booked on the bill, and it was all sold-out before we were even announced. So we knew it wasn’t a Queen audience, and we went on not expecting much, feeling a bit like the outsiders. To see that response was mind-blowing. A

nd you’ll see that in the film – and from our point of view, too, which is what you can’t get from a documentary. You’re looking at a fantasy recreation, but it’s astonishingly real.”

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