Iconic Queen guitarist Brian May recently shared an Instagram post in which he questioned who he was. After making his fans concerned, the guitarist shared another post to tell them not to worry.

Back in December, Brian May announced he had tested positive for coronavirus on his Instagram. He included his test result and informed his fans about his health status. In the next few days, the guitarist continued to update his fans about his experience with the virus.

After some time, May announced working on a new project. He stated in an Instagram post that he would re-release his 1998 album ‘Another World’ in Spring. Moreover, he urged his fans to send him some artwork to be included in a community art book that will accompany the release.

So, although May mainly uses his Instagram account to inform his fans about new projects, share his comments on recent news, or give them updates about his health status, he recently made his fans worried. He posted a photo of himself near a lake and questioned who he was in the post’s caption.

Brian May’s Instagram post read:

“Who am I? Who can I be? Bri.”

Like many others, one of his fans commented:

“Are you ok? This was deep.”

After noticing his fans’ concerns about his mental state, May shared another post in which he tried to explain his latest remarks. He stated that the picture he posted was from a lovely moment beside a lake. May then admitted he was lost in thought as this place was special for him.

Moreover, the guitarist asked his fans not to worry about him as it wasn’t a sad moment but a moment of self-questioning and gratitude for being able to think about these at all. May then revealed he read his fans’ comments, and the answers he got in the comments section were fascinating.

Brian May’s next IG post read:

“At the Jetty. Thanks, Joyce Moore for this beautiful animation! I’m sorry if my original post of this picture caused some of you folks concern. It was taken without my knowledge by a close friend, at the suggestion of Anita, my lady wife. It was a lovely moment beside a lake with the sun going down and mists rolling in.

And, yes, I was lost in thought, partly because this place has itself become very special to me. My caption reflected that moment of self-questioning. I was wondering what I ought to be addressing in these remaining days, months, or years of my life. It wasn’t a sad moment – so please don’t worry about me.

It was more a moment of gratitude for being able to have these thoughts at all! Yes – I was asking questions – and the answers I got in the comments are fascinating. I think my favorites are the ones where it’s clear you are asking the same questions of yourself.

And now… I’ve been really happy this evening to open up my IG and see new art inspired by my post. I’m gonna share some more in a moment. But for now, this lovely edit has put me back in a contemplative mood. Respects, Joyce! And let’s all enjoy a quiet moment.”

Below, you can check out the picture May included in his first post.

Photo Credit: Brian May – Instagram