Queen lead guitarist Brian May opened up about losing his beloved bandmate and friend Freddie Mercury and his father Harold May within the same year in his recent interview with The Telegraph and described that year as his darkest time.

As you may know, Brian May had been suffering from severe depression from the late ’80s to ’90s. Brian May and his first wife Christine Mullen got divorced in 1988 and the break-up made May think that he wasn’t a good husband and father. However, this separation was the only beginning of his suffering.

Three years after the divorce, Brian May’s longtime friend and bandmate, Freddie Mercury, died because of bronchial pneumonia after being diagnosed with AIDS. May regarded his death as the end of Queen. Also, Brian’s father Harold May passed away because of cancer within the same year. 

During his interview with The Telegraph, Brian May recalled these hard times saying that he was in a very dark place. However, he recalled deciding to find a new light to get rid of the emotional black hole, and thus, his debut studio album ‘Back to the Light’ became his savior while he was struggling with the aforementioned devastating losses.

In May’s words, he said:

“It was at the end of Queen, and I wanted to find a new light, a new path, and this was it, and it still is, in a way.

I knew at the time that I wasn’t going to have Freddie anymore, but I was also losing my dad and losing my marriage and family.

I was in a dark place, looking for the light.”

As it can be seen from his statement, Brian May was too devastated to continue his life but he decided to move on and be happy again in spite of all these heartbreaks and losses thanks to the healing power of music.