Queen’s lead guitarist Brian May shared a post on his official Instagram page revealing the results of his test for COVID-19 and made a detailed explanation about the COVID-19 rapid test.

People are increasingly using rapid coronavirus tests to screen for the virus before attending an event, whose working principle is pretty much similar to pregnancy tests. However, rapid antigen tests for the new coronavirus are less accurate than the ‘gold standard’ polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test, but antigen tests are cheaper and faster to run. Some experts say the rise in rapid testing may give people a false sense of security yet it is the fastest and if the result is negative, it must be repeated.

Although rapid tests are more common these days, people still have a hard time trusting them when it comes to results. Apparently, guitarist Brian May was willing to try and share some insight about the new way of testing as he shared a post on his official Instagram page and revealed his result of coronavirus rapid test and it turns out it’s negative.

May also stressed the importance of the rapid test and stated that it is a life-changing innovation. He made a long and exact explanation of how people should use the test while additionally sharing the cost of the test.

Here is what May said:

“I think this is important! Maybe there is some flaw in my reasoning, but, as I see it, this could be one of the most life-changing innovations in the world right now. There has been very little talk of it in the media – where the news has all been focussed on new hopes of an effective vaccine. But it seems to me this rapid COVID-19 test is the answer to a prayer.

You can do it yourself, and the result is ready in exactly 15 minutes. This is my first result. The fact that there is no colored lower line in the display means that I have tested negative – in other words, there is at the most, a tiny amount of the virus in my body, and I am not infectious to those around me.

If I were anywhere near becoming infectious, as I understand it, there would be a faint line in the lower position. And if the line were solid, it means I am definitely infected and infectious (whether or not I have symptoms)and must quarantine immediately.”

He continued:

“So the fact that I and my PA Sally, who took this picture, both took the test earlier today gave us a free pass to work safely together all day. Of course, it was a working day so this was legal anyway, but it has added greatly to our feelings of safety. This for me is life-changing. It will hopefully enable me to get my studio running safely again. More later —- but let me know what you think, folks.

Of course, all this depends on whether the test is truly as sensitive as they’re claiming – over 96 percent. We shall see if this is verified. But for now… A cautious hurrah! Bri. This test costs around 12 English pounds. A couple of caveats.”

Furthermore, Brian May warned his fans in addition to recommending the test by quoting the CEO of Roche, Thomas Schinecker, and stated that while positive rapid tests are nearly correct, a negative result should be repeated and confirmed in the following days.

Here is what May said:

“1) This is not the same test that is being used in Liverpool.

2) Thomas Schinecker, CEO of Roche, says ‘While a positive result most likely indicates an active infection with the virus, a negative result might need to be repeated or confirmed with a different test after one or two days.’ Let’s all be really careful before jumping to conclusions, folks. Bri.”

You can see the Instagram post below.