With the release of his new track, Queen’s Brian May admitted that he covered this song because it’s essential to him. He stated that ‘Maybe Baby’ is the reason he is currently a guitarist and a rock star.

Queen was and still is known to be one of the most influential bands in the rock and roll world. Even after the passing of their frontman Freddie Mercury, the band rose from their struggle of the loss. They continued their legacy by collaborating with vocalists like Paul Rodgers and Adam Lambert to tour and give fans Queen music.

Brian May is also working solo by himself and is actively playing the guitar and keeping in touch with his fans through Instagram. He recently announced the release of his cover of ‘Maybe Baby’ by Buddy Holly. The song dropped on April 14, and May talked about it as a crucial aspect of his life.

In the caption of the announcement, he stated that this song was why he is creating music and is a well-known rockstar. He said that he owes his love for rock and the fortune he gained throughout his career to ‘Maybe Baby.’ He decided to release the song with fan art of him passing through.

May said in the caption about being inspired by this song:

“That song, more than probably any other, is the reason that I’m here doing this, playing the guitar and being a rock star and being a very fortunate person.”

You can watch the music video and listen to May’s ‘Maybe Baby’ cover below.

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