The iconic guitarist and co-founder of Queen, Brian May, posted a photo on his Instagram account and showed his sincere support to the Killer Queen‘ of the all-time favorite ‘We Will Rock You’ musical.

Brian May often uses his Instagram account to share news about music, social matters, and science (since he is also an astrophysicist). This time, he used his Instagram account to appreciate and support the talented female artist, known as ‘The Killer Queen.’

Mazz Murray is a well-known English stage and TV actress, often praised for her performances as the ‘Killer Queen‘ in the ‘We Will Rock You’ musical, and as Tanya and later on Donna in the ‘Mamma Mia’ musical.

Brian May and Mazz Murray’s band ‘Woman’ worked together before on the hit track ‘I’m a Woman’, the profit of which goes to the Caron Keating Trust and Target Ovarian Cancer. It seems like Murray and May had a blast working together as May continues to support Murray’s artistic accomplishments through his Instagram account.

Brian May referred to Mazz Murray as wonderful and promoted her new album of ABBA’s songs’ interpretations called ‘Midnight Mazz – Here We Go Again‘ which he complimented as beautiful. He also said that her new album contrasts neatly with her astonishing performance in their single, ‘I’m a Woman.’

Getting the support of a legendary rockstar such as Brian May must be a great honor for Mazz Murray. On the other hand, it also reflects the talent and potential of Mazz Murray as an artist, as Brian May would not promote just anyone.

Here is what Brian May wrote in the caption of his latest Instagram post:

“The wonderful Mazz Murray – known and loved by all ‘We Will Rock You’ fans as a magnificent Killer Queen – is currently starring in Mama Mia (when Covid allows) and has created an album of beautiful interpretations of ABBA songs – up close and intimate with acoustic accompaniment.”

He continued by saying:

“It’s very cool – and contrasts neatly with her ripping performance in our recent WOMAN single. To get your copy, visit Mazz Murray’s page and click on the SLINK in her Bio. Rock on Mazzy!!! Bri.”

You can check out the photo that Brian May posted on her Instagram account below.