Queen guitarist Brian May recently posted a series of rare pictures of late Eddie Van Halen and Phil Chen on his Instagram page.

Back in 1983, Queen members began to work on side projects. On April 21 and 22, Brian May entered the studio with Eddie Van Halen, but the pair had no plans of recording anything. After a two-day session, these recordings ended up in a mini-album named ‘Star Fleet Project.’

Released on October 31, 1983, as the work of Brian May + Friends, the record consisted of Eddie Van Halen, Alan Gratzer, Phil Chen, and Fred Mandel. As the record was not originally planned to be released, the tracks received a minimum of mixing.

Considering the contributions of Phil Chen and Eddie Van Halen, the two great musicians, the album ‘Star Fleet Project’ was a unique experience. However, it didn’t receive the expected success at the time of the release.

After the passing of Phil Chen on December 14, 2021, Brian May revealed rare pictures of Chen and Eddie Van Halen on his Instagram. In the caption of his post, he paid respect to the bassist and said the pictures are from the back cover of the ‘Star Fleet’ album.

Following that, May praised the musical talent of Chen and talked about the recording process of his album. He then announced that he will re-release the ‘Star Fleet’ record in the future after re-releasing ‘Another World.’

Brian May’s Instagram post read:

“Paying respects to the great bass player Phil Chen. These blurry pictures of him are from the back cover of my ‘Star Fleet’ album which will be next in line for re-release after ‘Another World.’ Coming soon.

Phil was a great chap and a fine player – full of Caribbean energy and joy. He did a great job on my little session – with Ed Van Halen and Alan Gratzer. But he is probably most embedded in people’s consciousness for that wonderful octave-jumpin’ bass figure in Rod Stewart’s ‘Do you think I’m sexy”.

RIP Phil. Fondly remembered for always. Sincere condolences to his family. Bri. Notice in the studio pics here Phil and EVH have playfully swapped guitars.

Below, you can check out the pictures Brian May posted on his Instagram page.