Legendary Queen guitarist Brian May has shared a new photo on his official Instagram account, announcing the new dates of The Rhapsody Tour after postponing due to coronavirus.

While continuing the effects of the coronavirus epidemic all around the world, many huge organizations, events, shows, and concerts have been suspended or postponed.

As you may recall, Queen postponed The Rhapsody Tour for coronavirus. While fans are waiting for new tour dates, Brian May made a statement that devastated his fans today.

In the statement, Bri said that all the shows and concerts are rescheduling for next year but the days will remain the same. Apparently, Queen fans will wait until next year for the shows.

Here’s what Brian May stated:

“With 400,000 regrets. But all shows are rescheduled for next year – the same time. See ya there? All fingers crossed. Bri”

A Queen fan named sweetsisterbeebin_in_stilettos commented and said:

“I feel so bad for all ya’all who have to wait to 😭😭😭 hang in there folks ❤️❤️❤️ it’ll be worth the wait”

Another fan named mothermercury6 wrote:

“I hope someday you can come back to Argentina 😔❤️”

See the Instagram post below.