Brian May, the co-founder and lead guitarist of Queen, has called Adam Lambert, the current performing frontman of the band, a handsome rock star and drew the reaction of some of his fans who said Freddie Mercury was the actual rock star.

The legendary musician Brian May has recently shown up with another announcement on Instagram. May posted a photo of Adam Lambert with a caption saying who is this rock star and reminding to expect an announcement at midnight tonight.

While some of his fans expressed their excitement about the new update in the comment section, a few of them got upset that Brian May called Lambert with such a title. The mad followers of May said that Adam is a pop star whereas Freddie Mercury is the rock star.

Soon afterward, Brian May unveiled via a new post that ‘Queen + Adam Lambert’s exclusive performance of ‘I Was Born To Love You‘ from their upcoming album ‘Live Around The World’ will be available this Thursday, on September 24, and Friday, on September 25.

Here is what Brian May said in his recent Instagram post about Adam Lambert:

“Who’s this handsome Rock Star?! Expect an announcement at midnight tonight. 💥💥💥 Yep! I know. It’s nuts right now. So much great stuff emerging. Even I can’t keep up!!! Bri.”

A fan, whose name is Trotti, said in the comments:

“The best rock star is Freddie Mercury to me.”

Another fan, whose name is Adrian, commented as:

Popstar. He just sings with a rock band.”

Another follower of May, whose name is Gabriele, reacted as:

“‘Handsome rock star?’ Omg…

The Queen ended long ago, and this is proof of that 😢”

You can see the post below.