Korn guitarist Brian ‘Head’ Welch spoke in a recent interview with Tommy Carroll and talked about the decision behind replacing Fieldy with Suicidal Tendencies bass guitarist Ra Diaz.

Following the vaccination process around the world, almost all the musicians and bands started to plan or reschedule their tours and shows, and Korn was one of them. Right now, they are heading towards the next location for the Summer 2021 tour.

However, the band announced prior to their tour that their bass guitarist Fieldy won’t be participating in the Summer 2021 Tour. Instead of Fieldy, Ra Diaz will be playing alongside the band during their long-awaited tour.

In the conversation, Brian mentioned that they were looking for someone who could play the bass guitar with both fingers and slap techniques just like Fieldy. Therefore, they reached out to Ra Diaz for the open seat.

Furthermore, Brian pointed out that Suicidal Tendencies wasn’t planning on touring this year, which made Ra Diaz even more available. As Brian said, everything worked out between Korn and Ra Diaz after playing together in a couple of rehearsals.

Brian ‘Head’ Welch said:

“Well, there’s COVID and everything, so when we started talking about it, it was a thing where we wanted to be careful still and whatnot. ‘Cause, it was a couple, a few months ago or whatever.

So we just started brainstorming and hitting up friends and whatnot. We need the slap — we need the slap bass, we need the finger playing, we need someone, ’cause Fieldy is unique — very unique.

So it just kind of happened that way, where Ra was open because Suicidal Tendencies is not going out until next year. I think Mike Muir has a back surgery or something this year. So it just worked out, man. He came down, we jammed.

He’s a really humble guy, and just very talented. He can play anything — from jazz to slap to anything. He played all the songs with, like, three mistakes out of 10 songs or something — little mistakes.

I mean, not even mistakes — it was just, like, ‘I thought I heard it that way.’ They weren’t even mistakes. So we were, like, ‘Okay. You got it down.'”

You can check out the full interview below.