During a recent interview with Robb Flynn on The NFR Podcast, Korn’s co-founder and guitarist Brian Welch talked about the time when he felt lost and his life seemed pointless until he reunited with his childhood friends Munky and Fieldy to form Korn.

As you know, Brian ‘The Head’ Welch is currently one of the most popular guitarists in the metal scene and aside from Korn, he’s also the founder of the Christian metal band Love and Death with which he recently released a brand new album named ‘Perfectly Preserved.’

However, in his recent interview, he disclosed that there was a time in his life when becoming a musician was not a part of the plan. Even though he had spent his teenage years playing in bands, from the ages of 18 to 23, he stopped pursuing his dream of becoming a musician and lost his self-confidence and faith that he could do it.

Munky and Fieldy are Brian Welch’s childhood friends, and during the interview, he revealed that it was him who ‘influenced Fieldy to play bass [and] Munk to play electric guitar.’ So, when they asked him if he wanted to join them on their tours with L.A.P.D., The Head felt like he had come back to life because before that he was a ‘dead man walking.’

After some time, when they were all visiting their families in Bakersfield, they ran into Jonathan Davis and told him about their idea of forming up their own band, and eventually. that day came to be known as the day that Korn was born. When Davis joined his friends for a session, they all ‘just fell in love with the heavy sevenstring tunage‘ and the rest is history.

Here’s what Brian ‘The Head’ Welch said during the interview:

“I don’t know if you know this, but the guys were in another band called L.A.P.D., and it was James [Shaffer, guitar] – Munky – Fieldy on bass obviously, and David [Silveria, drums], I was there, I was their roadie. I wouldn’t say guitar tech because back then you just tune up and plug-in, but dude, it’s crazy because I influenced Fieldy to play bass, Munk to play electric guitar when we were kids.

But they just got into the Chili Peppers and Faith No More, and I did not like that music. I was a metalhead, and so I just kind of, my girlfriend broke up with me at one point, I ended up moving in with them because they moved about six months before that to L.A.”

He went on to say:

“I was in bands with them before 18. When they turned 18, they moved to L.A., so from 18 to 23, I was in no bands. I had no confidence, it was really crazy, and I just loved my friends for asking me to come into the band because I came alive, it’s like I was a dead man walking.

When I joined the band with them, I came alive and then we played one show with the former singer, and then me and James went to Bakersfield to visit our families during the holiday or something, we ended up at a bar and saw Jonathan [Davis] playing with his former band.

And we just got in contact with him and said, ‘We have management in L.A., we have a producer, and we have things cooking. Why don’t you come down and check out our music?’ And thats when Korn was born. He came down and just fell in love with the heavy sevenstring tunage, and that was it.”

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