Love And Death’s Brian Welch has hinted at new details about an alternative music video for their brand-new Justin Bieber cover ‘Let Me Love You.’

In February 2021, Love And Death released their second studio album ‘Perfectly Preserved’ following their ‘Between Here & Lost.’ Apart from the other tracks in the album, their cover of the famous pop musician Justin Bieber’s ‘Let Me Love You’ drew the attention most. On July 23 the band released the music video of the cover on their official YouTube channel. Since its release, the music video has reached over 253.000 views.

Speaking to Truth Seekah, Brian Welch once admitted that he really likes pop music although he rarely listens to it. In the same interview, he mentioned that ‘Let Me Love You’  would be an amazing song if it wasn’t so pop. He said that he loved the song’s melody, and this resulted in their decision to cover the song.

In a recent Instagram post, Brian Welch hinted at the possibility of an alternative music video for the cover as he posted some new photos. In the post, Brian Welch said that he has some ‘cool ideas brewing’ for their new single ‘Let Me Love You.’

Brian Welch’s Instagram post read:

“Some cool ideas brewing for Love And Death’s new single ‘Let Me Love You.'”

Below are the photos posted by Brian Welch on Instagram and the music video of their cover ‘Let Me Love You,’ featuring Lacey Sturm.

Photo Credit: Brian Welch – Instagram
Photo Credit: Brian Welch – Instagram
Photo Credit: Brian Welch – Instagram