Korn’s Brian Welch has reacted to Westboro Baptist Church’s demand for Jonathan Davis and Korn to sell everything.

Korn guitarist and co-founder Brian Welch is a known devoted Christian. He even left Korn back in 2005, after becoming a born-again Christian, to focus on himself and his solo career. Following his conversion to Christianity, Welch also rid himself of all of his addictions. The guitarist then released a debut album in 2008 titled ‘Save Me From Myself.’ However, he rejoined Korn on May 2, 2013, after eight years of being apart.

As you may know, Westboro Baptist Church, which has now targeted Korn, is an American hyper-Calvinist hate group. They engage in hateful protests towards homosexuality, other religions, or even gigs. Their last protest was against Foo Fighters, to which the band responded by trolling the hate group.

It appears the hate group has now focused on Korn. As funny as it seemed even to a devoted Christian like Welch, Westboro Baptist Church issued a new statement in which they asked Korn and Jonathan Davis to sell everything and follow Jesus Christ.

Following that, the guitarist shared that statement on his Instagram and asked his followers to comment on it. Moreover, in the comments section, to respond Love And Death’s J.R. Bareis’ ironic remark, Welch stated that he dreams about saving Munky all day.

According to Westboro Baptist Church’s statement, the hate group said:

“Jonathan Davis and Korn should sell all that they have and follow the Lord Jesus Christ. What good does it do to be gazillionaires and spend eternity in hellfire where the worm that eats on them never dies and where their fire is never quenched (Isaiah 66:24).

Shortly, God is going to call Jonathan Davis, Korn, and Staind before the judgment seat of Christ and judge them according to their works, and it will not be a pretty sight.”

Sharing the statement with his followers, Brian Welch said in the post’s caption that:

“Comments? Ready, set… go!”

J.R. Bareis then commented:

“All Day I Dream About Salvation.”

Upon seeing this, Brian Welch responded ironically as:

“All day, I dream about saving Munky.”

Check out Westboro Baptist Church’s statement posted by Brian Welch on his Instagram below.

Photo Credit: Brian Welch – Instagram