Korn guitarist Brian Welch recently joined Rock Sound for an interview and admitted spending a significant amount of money during the recordings of ‘Untouchables.’

On June 11, 2002, Korn released their fifth studio album, ‘Untouchables.’ Featuring the Grammy-winning single ‘Here To Stay,’ the album became a massive success after the release. It received positive reviews from critics and debuted at number two on the Billboard 200.

‘Untouchables’ was a highly-experimental album, and it contained new styles that Korn had never attempted to do before. Though Korn earned a Grammy for Best Metal Performance with ‘Here To Stay,’ recording this album cost too much for the band.

In a recent interview with Rock Sound, Brian Welch revealed that ‘Untouchables’ is not his favorite, but he loves the opening riff and guitar sound of ‘Here To Stay’ because it reflects Korn’s unique sound. He then revealed that making this album was pretty challenging.

According to Welch, he was trying to get sober at that period, and they moved from mansion to mansion after going to Arizona. So, they had to spend so much on recording and living expenses. The guitarist then added that these were party houses, so it was hard for him as he was trying to stay sober.

During the conversation, Brian Welch said the following:

“Oh man, it’s not my favorite. I like the record a lot, I think it’s really good, but I love ‘Here To Stay.’ That opening of that riff, those guitar tones we got. You can’t match them. They’re like, ‘It’s ours, forever.’ It’s our sound forever. That song hit hard, but the record was challenging.

I attempted sobriety while recording that record, and we went to Arizona, got all these mansions, and started recording while riding in these houses. Most of them were party houses, and I’m trying to get sober. We spent so much money on that record, but it came out good, and we got some great memories.”

You can watch the rest of the interview and listen to the album below.