Korn’s Brian Welch recently posted a video on IGTV and read a scripture from the Bible to reveal that he related to Paul the Apostle after he quit Korn. He continued to give advice to his followers by highlighting the power of forgiveness.

As you may know, Welch quit Korn in 2005 because he decided to start serving Jesus after experiencing a religious revelation. After living the rock and roll party life for 12 years, Welch realized that he wanted to become a good Christian. After seven years, he returned to Korn and received hate from the Christian community because he prayed for transgender people at a concert.

In the Instagram video, Welch expressed his opinion on religion and proposed that one doesn’t necessarily need a priest or a pastor to reach God, as religion is your personal relationship with God. While giving some advice about the spiritual beliefs of his fans, Welch also opened up about his personal life and shared his common points with Paul the Apostle, to whom Jesus gave the task of writing the New Testament.

Welch stated that if God gave Paul another chance, although he had killed followers of Christianity, everyone else could get one. Paul was not only given a second chance, but he was also chosen to write the New Testament even after his mistakes. With this story, Welch gave his followers hope and courage to repent for their sins and encouraged them to turn to God in an unorganized religious way.

He talked about Paul and advised his Instagram followers by saying:

“What’s up everybody? Some Saturday soul for you here because when your ego dies your soul comes alive. I’ve just been thinking I wanna start coming on here and share some scripture that has meant something to me personally in a non-organized religious way. Scriptures are good, but it has been abused, and I want to share what I’ve learned. 

I thought that a good way to start was to talk about this guy Paul. Many of you don’t know, but this guy named Paul actually wrote a lot, or some would say most of the New Testament.

What many people don’t know is that this guy was massively changed. He was helping to kill Christians. Which in our day if you’re helping to commit a murder, you’re one of the murderers right, so you can argue that he was a murderer helping to kill Christians, and he had an encounter with Christ, and it totally changed his life.”

He went on to say:

“And many of us, in our human understanding, if God was to choose someone to write the New Testament or write a lot of the New Testament, the last person that we would probably think would choose was a murderer that was helping to kill his people. But in order to show all of you who think so lowly of yourselves that you’re too far gone or you’ve done too many bad things that God wouldn’t choose you, here’s your example.

Have you helped to kill Christians? Have you hurt a lot of people? Then cool, you’re good. Even if you did the murder, this guy’s proof that there is a lot of forgiveness for anything. So, it’s a trip that he was chosen, but I love it.”

Later, Welch admitted that he related to Paul because of the life they led with Korn in the early days. He left the band because he needed to get away from some bad habits, and after not reaching success with a Pastor, he stated that he ‘bolted’ and turned to himself to ‘learn straight from God.’

Here is what he said about relating to Paul:

“I can relate to this guy a lot because when I left Korn and all that, I sat under a Pastor for a little bit, but after that, I bailed, I bolted. I went in seclusion, I went away and I didn’t want any man to corrupt what I was trying to learn. I wanted to learn straight from God because I learned that you didn’t have to go through a priest you don’t have to go through a pastor you can learn it from God himself and so, that’s what I went to do.”

Welch announced that he will come every once in a while and read scriptures that mean something to him. Both his Christian and non-Christian fans loved the idea and showed their support. Mötley Crüe’s Nikki Sixx commented that he loved what Welch did and that he believes in it as well.

Nikki Sixx said the following:

“Love it and believe it.”

Dozens of fans appreciated Sixx’s support, and The Head’s post became a meeting point for both Korn and Mötley Crüe fans who cherished the close relationship between the renowned musicians.

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