The well-known guitarist of Korn, Brian ‘Head’ Welch talked about the band’s experiences during Ozzy Osbourne’s big Arena Tour in an interview on 97.9 GRD’s YouTube channel. He stated that Osbourne’s fans did not respect their appearance on his stage.

Osbourne took Korn on their very first arena tour for which the band is still very grateful. However, during the tour, Osbourne’s fans did not react well to Korn’s appearance on his stage. They had brought tickets to see the legendary Ozzy Osbourne but instead came across a not-very-popular nu-metal band.

In a recent interview, Korn guitarist Brian Welch stated that his fans raised their middle fingers in the air disrespectfully. He continued to say that it was unusual for the fans to see them on stage before Osbourne and that it was a fairly normal reaction. As the tour proceeded and the fans got used to Korn’s presence, it got better for them.

Here is what he said during the conversation:

“For Ozzy’s band, we had some of this [middle fingers] in the front row, and, ‘All these dreadlock dudes up there shaking their hair around…’

They didn’t know what to think. But as the tour went, we got halfway through, the word’s started getting out, and we got accepted a lot more. So we love Ozzy, that was a dream come true to open for him.

No matter how disrespectful they were treated during Osbourne’s tour, Korn is still eternally grateful for the opportunity. Apparently, Ozzy opened the door to success and recognition for the band and therefore the bad experiences in the past don’t seem to affect the band badly.

You can watch the full interview below.