The highly anticipated Bring Me The Horizon and Ed Sheeran collaboration following their memorable performance at the Brit Awards 2022 has finally dropped and received its first reviews.

Although Ed Sheeran is a name that rarely appears on rock and metal news headlines, the musician shocked his fans when he shared the stage with Bring Me The Horizon during this year’s Brit Awards. They covered Sheeran’s ‘Bad Habits,’ and after it received significant attention from their fans, they teased a studio version and their plans to write a new song together.

Their cover of ‘Bad Habits’ surprised Ed Sheeran’s fans and impressed rock listeners as it featured rock and heavy metal elements. It is a slightly more polished version of their live performance, and BMTH’s frontman Oli Sykes has saved his throat-tearing screams that add an utterly different character to the track for the song’s outro.

The live performance of the cover has received positive reviews, which is probably why they decided to record a studio version. As the stakes were high, some feared that it would not meet their expectations. However, the song has already reached half a million views, and a quick scroll through the comments section shows that it was highly appreciated by both BMTH and Ed Sheeran’s fans, who were surprised to get such a heavy track from the pop star.

You can have a listen at the recently released track below.