Bring Me The Horizon dropped a brand new song from the ‘Post Human’ EP series, named ‘DiE4u,’ with a music video on YouTube.

In June 2020, Bring Me The Horizon announced that they will release four EPs throughout 2021, which will become an album when combined with each other. In October, the band released the first part of the EP series, ‘Post Human: Survival Horror.’

While the community was expecting to hear news about the new ‘Post Human’ EP, Bring Me The Horizon decided to drop a brand new single, named ‘DiE4u,’ which will probably be a part of the EP series.

‘DiE4u’ is a love song that features brutal vocals in a pop-ish metal song. The frontman of the band, Oli Sykes, stated that it is about toxic obsessions, which most people have faced during the pandemic.

Furthermore, over 8K people in the YouTube comments section shared their reactions to the song, and most of them think that this is an experimental track, which is one of the great things about Bring Me The Horizon.

Oli Skyes on their brand new ‘DiE4u’ song:

‘DiE4u’ is a song about toxic obsessions, vices and things you can’t kick. I think a lot of people went through very similar struggles while in lockdown, coming face to face with yourself and seeing who you really are and what’s important.

The song is a triumphant and emotional one for me because it was a time of realisation to kick the things that were no good, and to take the choice in bettering myself. It also connects to a deeper theme about us as a society, and how we need to look at the way we treat ourselves, each other as well as the world.”

This is what a fan commented under the music video on YouTube:

“They took the best elements out of quite a few genres and blended them and made it work. This band is once in a generation. Enjoy it while they exist.”

Another fan exclaimed:

“I should just expect bangers every time. They never disappoint. The amount of respect I have for this band is massive. I’m down for whatever they make!”

You can check out the song below.