Bring Me The Horizon drummer Matt Nicholls spoke in an interview with Heavy Magazine from Australia and explained why they used electronic elements on their latest album “Amo”.

Here’s the statement:

“The band’s always enjoyed making music with electronic elements. We’re fans of that kind of music and stuff like that. We don’t want to limit ourselves. I think there’s only so far you can take guitar, drum and bass.

When Jordan [Fish, keyboards/programming] came into the band, it just opened up a whole new world as fans and stuff you can do with your music. It doesn’t pigeonhole you as just a rock band — you can take it to wherever you want to take it.

You can have whatever sound you want, whether it be, like, orchestral strings or whether it be, like, dance synths and stuff. For us, we like that kind of stuff, and we didn’t want to just limit ourselves — ‘This is our sound; this is what we want to do.’

So many bands find a comfort zone, and they get their sound and they’re kind of scared to take that leap into doing something different. We’re not scared to do that — we’re confident enough in ourselves and believe in ourselves to be able to do stuff like that.”

On songwriting process of Amo, he said:

“It’s just whatever comes out. If we think it sounds good, then we’ll work with it, and we’ll work on it and see where it goes. A lot of songs start off sounding one way and then take a different direction. It just comes out like that, and if it sounds good, we’ll use it. We’re not scared to try different [things]. If we like it, it gets used.”

Listen to the entire interview below. Click here to source of the statement.