In an interview with the Telegraph, the frontman of Bring Me The Horizon, Oli Sykes, shared his thoughts about the current state of rock music.

In 2014, KISS bassist Gene Simmons claimed that rock music was dead, which caused great controversy in the rock world. Many important figures were engaged in this discussion and shared their opinions on the subject. Although many names challenged this idea, Simmons did not back down and continued to stand behind his claim.

Many important names presented counter-arguments on the subject and dismissed this claim. For instance, last year, Gilby Clarke, former band member of rock legend Guns N’ Roses, described this claim as quite bold and argued that there are many figures, such as AC/DC, Pink Floyd, and much more, who still keep rock music alive.

Although there were opponents to this idea, there were supporters as well. Evaluating the state of rock music with reference to the context we live in, The Who’s Roger Daltrey argued that the internet destroys everything and streaming harms rock music.

In a recent interview with The Telegraph, Bring Me The Horizon’s Oli Sykes also shared his thoughts on this endless debate. Sykes stated that the condition of the existence of rock music is not to be trendy but to incorporate and represent a counter-culture. He also argued that the inclusiveness of rock music has increased, and its narratives have diversified.

In the interview, he argued that rock is not dead but healthier than ever:

“Rock music was never meant to be trendy; it’s supposed to be a counter-culture. […] Now, it’s exactly where it’s meant to be, but the scene is healthier than it’s ever been. There’s so much more diversity in the people who are making it and what it’s talking about.”

The debate on the subject seems to be endless. As for Oli Sykes, he continues to perform with Bring Me The Horizon. The band will tour the states in September and October.