Bring Me The Horizon singer Oliver Sykes spoke in an interview with HardDrive Radio and explained the meaning behind their recent studio album’s title, “Amo”.

Here’s the statement:

“The album’s a bit of a love album, basically. It kind of deals with relationships — relationships starting, relationships ending, relationships we have with other people, or people as a mass, social situations and stuff like that, and social commentary. So, yeah, it’s kind of loose concept album on love and stuff.

And when I was thinking of the name, my wife’s Brazilian, so she speaks Portuguese. So ‘I love’ roughly translates into ‘Amo’ and I kind of like the double meaning of ammunition — basically the ammunition for the album and stuff like that. So, yeah, I kind of landed on that.”

He also explained why they produced their own album. He said:

“We tried, and we’ve used producers and stuff like that, and it’s just never worked for us. We’ve always been so sure of what we wanna do, going in the studio. We produce the music every day. When we write a song, it rarely ever sounds like the same song. It goes through, like 20 or 30 iterations; it changes every day [or] every week.

So, by the time we go into the studio, we’ve produced the hell out of it. I mean, we’re so sure that if someone came along… We like constructive criticism and it’s nice to get an outside perspective, for sure, but for the most part, we know what we want.

There’s nothing that glamorous about writing and recording an album. It’s just fucking hard work, man — it’s just relentless. And that’s all you do — you just do it every day — and sometimes it feels like people can get in the way of that. It’s not like we [thought], ‘We’re gonna smash this.’ It’s just, like, ‘We think we can do this on our own and we wanna try it.’ And it kind of worked out for us [on ‘That’s The Spirit’]. So, we did it again, I guess.”

You can reach the entire interview from here via Blabbermouth.