During a recent conversation on BBC Radio, The Darkness singer/guitarist Justin Hawkins has shared his thoughts on AC/DC, and he revealed why late AC/DC singer Bon Scott is better than Brian Johnson.

While discussing some topics on being a musician and early years of Justin’s career, he said that he loves the Bon Scott era of AC/DC much more than Brian Johnson era.

Here’s what Justin Hawkins stated:

“I love all AC/DC, but I particularly love the Bon [Scott] years. I think he is a guy who improved right up to when he died, I don’t think there’s a low point, his trajectory as an artist was all up, I loved the whole [‘Highway to Hell’] album.

In fact, ‘Powerage’ is probably my favorite AC/DC album, but ‘Highway to Hell’ is just, whenever you hear those first chords you just know it’s party time.”

Justin Hawkins mentioned his musical journey. He said:

“I think being a musician in this country is the second most difficult vocation. The first one is being a car salesman, they’re doing worse than musicians.

I’m never allowed to drive anything fancy here, don’t know why. This reminds me of the first time we went to America as a band listening to ‘Led Zeppelin II,’ just driving along the coast in LA.

Always been huge fans; for some reason, it just totally clicked over there doing that.”

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