The wife of Mötley Crüe drummer and co-founder Tommy Lee, Brittany Furlan Lee has opened up about her marriage and made some surprising confessions while remembering the early days of her relationship with Tommy, revealing the fact that she was scared of him.

During her latest conversation on How To Talk To Girls podcast, the social media celebrity, comedian and actor based in Los Angeles, Brittany Furlan Lee, has given an insight into her marriage with the Mötley Crüe star Tommy Lee while recalling her own dating past, which includes a toxic relationship in which she was cheated on.

When she was asked how she and Tommy met, and how the story went, Brittany said, a year after she was cheated, she matched with Lee on a dating app special for the celebrities. She reminisced about those days and admitted that Tommy Lee was so persistent, nice, and texting her every day. Finally, they ended up meeting a week later at the pride fest, she said.

Brittany also made a shocking confession that she was a little bit scared of Lee at first because everything turned in the same way with Brittany’s ex as time passed by. She implied that Tommy showed some paranoid attitude, therefore, she told him all that drama before. Eventually, they fixed things, Brittany added.

Here’s what Brittany Furlan Lee said while talking about how they began a relationship with Tommy Lee:

“I still didn’t feel like quite over this what I’ve gone through. It was like a year and I wasn’t feeling just healed yet and then I matched with my husband. And he was just so persistent, he was texting me every day, being like ‘Hey! What are you doing?’ ‘Have you listened to the song I sent you? What are you doing today?’

He was just so nice and constantly in touch with me and so we finally ended meeting a week later cause we both were working at pride fest. He was playing drums and I was doing promotional stuff for pride.

I went on and tapped him on the shoulder and he just gave me the biggest warmest hug and we’re just together ever since then.”

She continued:

“I was a little scared at first because it kind of started the same way it did with the other guy. Like ‘where are you? What are you doing?’ That kind of thing. I started to be like ‘Oh my god? Am I in?’

Felt like I’m signing myself for part two but no. I started to went in told my husband all that drama and I told him all that I’ve gone through and all my girlfriends in the meantime were like ‘Oh my god! Are you dating Tommy Lee? Do you know how many girls he’s slept with? And you’re worried about someone cheating on you.'”

You can check out the rest of the conversation below.