Mötley Crüe icon Tommy Lee’s lovely wife, Brittany Furlan Lee uploaded her latest YouTube Show, “Episode 18 | Worst Firsts Podcast with Brittany Furlan” and had a conversation with Andrew Santino.

Brittany Furlan reveals how naive is Tommy Lee to the Mötley Crüe fans.

Here is her statement, transcribed by Metalhead Zone:

“My husband is obviously very successful and he’s so nice to everyone. Yeah cuz why wouldn’t he be? The fans that text him and it’s like he’s just so nice…

The phone number is four six-five. It freaks me out like he’s so nice to people and then I’ve met people who like I said that I met with whom I started on the Vine with who were so nice and so down.

We’re my friends and then like when this the podcast stuff happening inside like “I thought okay like I’m I gotta get my schedule and I have my own podcast.”

You can watch the whole conversation below.