Iron Maiden lead singer Bruce Dickinson joined the Talk Is Jericho podcast for an interview during which he revealed that he keeps a copy of the lyric sheet backstage at Iron Maiden shows.

Bruce Dickinson has been the lead singer of Iron Maiden since 1981, so he probably has been on stage with the band a significant number of times. Apart from his career in the band, he is also a successful solo artist and has an extensive songwriting catalog as well.

So, one can assume that Bruce Dickinson is used to being in the forefront and under the spotlight as a famous musician. However, as it turns out, he still gets nervous while performing with Iron Maiden even after all those years.

In an interview with Talk Is Jericho, Bruce Dickinson admitted that he still gets anxious before going on the stage with Iron Maiden. He then revealed that he gets most nervous at the beginning of a tour as it’s not clear how it will go.

Following that, Dickinson said his biggest fear is walking on stage and opening his mouth only to see that garbage comes out of it. According to the singer, he keeps a copy of the lyric sheet backstage due to that reason, although he never looks at it.

During the interview by Talk Is Jericho, Bruce Dickinson said about whether he gets nervous getting on the stage for solo shows the following:

“Well, I get nervous when before I go on stage with Iron Maiden as well, especially at the beginning of a tour. Once you’re sort of like five or six, seven shows into the tour, you’re kind of back into the routine. So you kind of know what’s going to happen.

But the big fear, especially for a singer is that you walk on stage and open your mouth and garbage comes out, you know, or nothing at all. And that’s irrational, but it’s valid. So you just own up to it.

I mean, I keep a copy of the lyric sheet backstage. I never look at it. But if I knew it wasn’t there, I’d freak out. And once I get to six or seven shows in, the training wheels come off, and I just leave it in the wardrobe case. But the one-man show’s a bit different because it’s just you. And if you stop, it all stops.”

So, although Bruce Dickinson has been getting on stage with Iron Maiden for so many years, it seems like he still gets nervous and feels quite anxious. This may be a sign of Bruce’s passion for music and his timeless excitement to unite with their fans.