Bruce Dickinson recently opened up about having a career outside of Iron Maiden during an interview with WalesOnline. Due to being the owner of an aircraft maintenance and training company named Cardiff Aviation, Dickison has always had to balance things between his music and aviation career.

For those of you who may not know, Bruce Dickinson is well known for being a commercial pilot for Astraeus Airlines outside of being the frontman of Iron Maiden. The musician undertook the mission of captaining Iron Maiden’s converted charter airplane, Ed Force One, during their world tours.

Dickinson first learned to fly recreationally in Florida in the 1990s and now holds an airline transport pilot’s license. After the Astraeus’ closure, Iron Maiden’s lead singer decided to create his own aircraft maintenance and pilot training company in 2012 and named it Cardiff Aviation.

While it is hard enough for many musicians to keep up with their busy schedules, as a rock star who’s constantly traveling the world and recording new records Bruce Dickinson has been simultaneously following his passion for aviation and music for decades now.

Since he has been pulling through hard missions for years, Bruce Dickinson recently opened up about jumping from one profession to another during an interview. According to the musician, the most important aspect of having a business is to have proper communication as a team. 

Being able to communicate is crucial when it comes to running a business and the Iron Maiden singer stated that the same rule applies within the band as well. All of his bandmates are great team members and it makes his job much easier when jumping from one project to another.

Bruce Dickinson’s statement in the interview follows:

“I’m juggling it constantly. The idea was to not be juggling it quite as much as I ended up doing in the early and middle years. I put a substantial amount of money into the company over the years, and when it was known as Cardiff Aviation, I think it’s fair to say it had a few false starts.

Two years ago, we had to completely reorganize the company, we changed the name and completely rebranded it. Much of the workforce stayed the same and they have been fantastic, but I went from being a one-third shareholder to 100% shareholder.”

His statement continues:

“The crucial thing is to always communicate as a team. In terms of the business, it’s about running past ideas and representing the company as a chairman should do. You rely on a team and you just can’t do it on your own. There have been quite a few occasions when there was a significant amount of personal pressure, but that does go with the territory. But the people who were around me in Wales were very supportive.

It’s the same with Iron Maiden. We have a great team, so when, as a band, we’re thinking of doing music, we’re not worrying about ‘who’s going to rent the truck’ or ‘who’s going to sort out the permits.’ We have a fantastic team who does that and we do the music.”

Being the owner of an aircraft maintenance and pilot training company for nearly a decade in addition to rocking the world with one of the greatest heavy metal bands of all time since 1981, Bruce Dickinson clearly knows how to balance both sides of his life. Apparently, the most important advice he could give to his fans is to pick their teammates carefully and pay attention to the communication between team members.