Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson spoke with Malou Efter Tio and revealed how his  voice was changed after the cancer treatment. He said:

“Two things are slightly different. One is my saliva – which obviously lubricates your throat a little bit – is a bit less than it used to be.

Although, 10 years ago, if I had the same cancer, I wouldn’t be making any saliva. But now, I’m probably 70%, which is great. Thanks very much, everybody upstairs. [Laughs]

And the other thing is that I think that the shape of possibly the back of my tongue, which forms vowel sounds and things like that, might have changed shape slightly, because, obviously, it had a big lump in it, and the lump’s gone.

So maybe the surface has changed shape. So I notice a few differences. Funnily enough, the top end of my voice is maybe even a little bit better than it was before. [Laughs]”

In early 2015, Dickinson underwent a seven-week course of chemotherapy and radiology. A couple of months later, he was given “the all-clear” by his specialists following an MRI scan.”

You can watch the entire interview from below.