Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson spoke in an interview with Kaaos TV and explained his thoughts about drugs and sex. He said:

There’s not really that much about drugs [in my book], to be honest with you. Yeah, I smoked a bit of dope when I was at university – big deal… And really, I only put that in there just because I wanted to make the point that I really don’t see the point in drugs.

It didn’t really do anything to a great extent for me. So stopping was pretty easy. Not like I was an addict, it’s not like I have purchased a drug in my life. Actually, I’m the worst guy on planet because I used to smoke everybody else’s dope. That was in there really almost just exclusively to pretty much make that point.

And as the sex bit – there is a little bit of sex in it. But not to the point where I’m describing how incredible I am in bed. Why would you want to do that? Like people don’t know what it’s like to have sex? Most people have sex, have girlfriends, boyfriends, whatever, make love, do whatever. I can tell you – it’s no different. Everything works just the same.

It’s just something that happens to the entire planet. So what’s different? Why does that have to go in the book? It’s another kind of rockstar narcissist thing, and that’s not this book. I didn’t want this to be a confessional about how big my willy is. It’s so tedious! It’s boring! I think the book should be entertaining, I think it should be a little bit educational, a little bit informative, and funny. And I think it should celebrate life.”

You can watch the entire interview from below.