Iron Maiden’s vocalist Bruce Dickinson attended an interview on the Loudwire YouTube channel and explained in what ways his voice changed after surviving throat cancer.

As you may know, Dickinson was diagnosed with an early stage of cancer in 2015, and he had to go through chemotherapy and radiation treatment for seven weeks. The cancer was at the back of his throat which is probably the worst nightmare for a singer. Especially a rock n roll singer where they tire their throats to hit aggressive notes.

Iron Maiden had recorded ‘The Book of Souls’ album right before Dickinson was diagnosed and therefore had to delay its tour and release. However, thankfully, the singer recovered fast and recorded another album that is set to be released on September 3, 2021.

The changes in Dickinson’s voice didn’t go unnoticed by the fans, and that is why the Loudwire interviewer addressed the question to him. Dickinson explained how his voice changed after his cancer, and he seemed like he is considering it natural to have these kinds of changes.

Here is what he said in the interview about his voice:

“After doing three or four months with the legacy tour, I mean we don’t detune. We’re doing all the songs, we’re doing the hills and all the rest of it and trooper. So you get all the original keys you know, and I’m hitting all the same notes I used to hit 40 years ago. So, I mean the tone of the voices got a bit thicker, it’s got a bit fatter. It’s more robust if you were gonna say.

I am definitely in the tenor sort of range. But obviously, there are different types of tenor like a lyric tenor which has a very light and fiddly type top-end voice and, there’s a robust tenor which can almost go down into a baritone. One of my favourite tenors is Ronnie Dio, and Ronnie was kind of a hybrid. Obviously, as he got older, his voice was much more robust, but if you hear him on some early stuff in particular some of the stuff that he did pre Rainbow.”

You can watch the full interview below.