Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson spoke in a recent interview with Revolver Magazine and shared some unknown details about the brand new album of the band, ‘Senjutsu.’

After six years of a break since their last album, ‘The Book of Souls,’ Iron Maiden revealed last month that they are going to release a new album on September 3, 2021, named ‘Senjutsu.’

In addition, ‘Senjutsu’ will be an 80-minute long album, featuring a total of ten songs. In addition to that, they released ‘The Writing On The Wall’ and ‘Stratego’ singles during this period.

In the recent conversation he joined, Bruce talked about the backstories of the songs in this album and unveiled that one of the songs named ‘Days Of Future Past’ is actually inspired by Keanu Reeves’ movie, ‘Constantine.’

As Bruce said, 4-minutes long song’s nick is straightforward from the Constantine movie and stated that he thought it would be interesting to tell the situation that Keanu found himself in.

Bruce Dickinson revealed how he wrote ‘Days Of Future Past’ in the conversation:

“Actually that’s a straightforward nick from the graphic novel ‘Constantine’ that got made into the film of the same name with Keanu Reeves.

I thought it would be interesting to turn it on its head, the situation in which he found himself in as a person who is destined to walk the earth until he gets his shit together — and to say, ‘Well, hang on a minute; just exactly who appointed God to do this in the first place? What right does he have to pull all this crap on people?'”

Later in the interview, Dickinson also talked about the beauty of the album and said that the first half of the album is so much different than the last half. According to Bruce, it is what makes it old-fashioned and beautiful.