Iron Maiden lead singer Bruce Dickinson opened up about his future plans to release a solo record during a recent appearance on SiriusXM’s ‘Trunk Nation Virtual Invasion.’ Apparently, the rocker is currently working on a new solo album, but the entire writing and recording process has to wait until Joe Biden lets him go to America.

As many of you know, Bruce Dickinson has a successful solo career outside of his tenure with Iron Maiden. The vocalist has released six solo studio albums to this day, starting from his solo debut, ‘Tattooed Millionaire,’ a totally unexpected hard rock/pop-metal album.

It has been 16 years since Dickinson released a solo record, as the last one was ‘Tyranny of Souls,’ released on 23 May 2005. The album found itself a spot in US Billboard 200 and was praised by respectable magazines, receiving generally favorable reviews.

Since then, the Iron Maiden singer has been working on the band’s albums, and most recently, they released their seventeenth studio album, ‘Senjutsu‘ on 3 September 2021. While fans are thrilled to receive brand new music from the pioneers of the new wave of British heavy metal, they are also craving new material from the lead singer himself.

Fortunately for his fans, Bruce Dickinson recently revealed whether there’s a new solo album on the horizon during an interview. Apparently, he has been working on a record on and off for four years now. While making his fans excited for a possible new album, Dickinson also disappointed his fans by revealing that he hasn’t started recording yet.

Because of the pandemic, the rocker hasn’t been able to return to the United States to complete the writing and recording process, for which he humorously blamed the US President, Joe Biden. While making fun of the president by calling him ‘Uncle Joe,’ Dickinson said he’s waiting for Biden’s permission to travel to the US.

During the podcast, Dickinson said:

“Not only would I like to. I’ve got a work in progress right now that’s been kind of on and off, on the backburner, for, well, three or four years now. And basically, since the pandemic happened, I may have had loads of time, but I can’t go to America to do it — to finish up the writing for it, start the recording process, and all that stuff. So I’m just waiting for Uncle Joe to let me into America.

While fans found it quite frustrating to hear that the only reason Bruce Dickinson is not recording an album right now is Joe Biden, they are also thrilled to hear that sooner or later, the Iron Maiden icon is going to release an album. His fans also questioned whether he could record the album somewhere else, but Dickinson would probably want to start his solo project following his band’s record release anyway.