English singer and also known as a broadcaster, Iron Maiden legend Paul Bruce Dickinson, has made a new interview with Metal Hammer and talked about lots of things from his friendship with Steve Harris, to his early days with the band.

As Bruce talks about the early days of the band and how he joined Iron Maiden in 1981, he also confessed that he never got cocaine in his life. However, he used speed to run around fast both on stage and in his life.

While talking about his long-time friendship with the bassist and the bandleader Steve Harris, Bruce likened Iron Maiden to a football team. Whether the whole members have very different personalities, they are always finding some way to get along.

Here is what he said:

“Steve is extremely determined and for a mild-mannered, shy sort of chap offstage, he’s got quite a ruthless streak in him. Not in a bad way or an exploitative way, but he’ll go, ‘This is not working and there’s no way ’round it…’ He can be very, very stubborn and, of course, so can I!

How have we maintained our relationships in Iron Maiden? We take the piss all the time. We’ve been down a long, long road together. Steve and I have such different personalities, but we have many moments when we’re so close, it’s really special.

It’s Team Iron Maiden. It’s a bit like a football team but it’s so much more than that. It’s more than a job because I wouldn’t put my body through what it goes through for a job.”

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