Iron Maiden lead singer Bruce Dickinson revealed the Johnny Cash song he loves the most during his recent interview with La Claque.

As you probably know, Bruce Dickinson has been Johnny Cash’s fan since he was young. In one of his previous interviews with Fox News, he recalled the time when he first met Cash in Toronto. Johnny Cash watched Iron Maiden during their rehearsal and concert.

After Iron Maiden’s performance, Cash came to their dressing room and introduced himself. He asked for Dickinson’s autograph because his daughter was a huge Iron Maiden fan. The frontman defined this moment as one of the happiest of his life. In his recent conversation, he also named his favorite Johhny Cash song.

Dickinson stated that his favorite is ‘Hurt,’ which is originally a Nine Inch Nails song and covered by Cash. He said that he listens to the song all the time and described it as a hunting and unbelievable version. Dickinson admired Cash’s performance for this tragic and inspiring song.

Dickinson said in his interview that:

“There’s one song that I keep going back to that. I think it’s just an incredible performance. It’s Johhny Cash doing ‘Hurt,’ which is for me, I just keep going back to that song. It’s haunting, an unbelievable version of it. I hate to say it’s lovely because it’s tragic.”

You can check out the interview and the song below.