Iron Maiden singer and frontman Bruce Dickinson was recently interviewed during the ‘Telekom Tech Grounds’ virtual event to talk about his relationship with the technology right now and share his memories wandering around record stores.

You might know from our latest articles that Iron Maiden is about to release its seventeenth studio album named ‘Senjutsu’ on September 3, 2021, which will feature ten unique tracks that were never released before. It is now available for pre-order on many platforms including Amazon and Iron Maiden Shop.

While Bruce has been promoting the new album through all media platforms, he also recently gave a new interview to ‘Telekom Tech Grounds’ and recalled the days he would go to record stores to listen to music. Bruce stated that most of the time, he had to get out of the store without buying anything because he did not have any money.

The Iron Maiden frontman also shared that going to the record store, especially when you were having a tough time, to hang out and meet other people who also like music made his life better.

Here is his statement:

“Record stores, when I was a kid, before the Internet — you can go and listen to everything for free now on the Internet, but back then it was a bit more difficult. You would have to go into an actual record store and you would ask to listen to a record and you’d listen to probably most of the album and you wouldn’t buy it, ’cause you didn’t have any money.

But you were in the store with all these people who loved music, and you’d talk about music and you’d hang out, and just being there was like being recharged when you were a kid. It was just, like, ‘Oh my God. I’ve got school. I’ve got this. I’ve got that. I wanna escape my parents.’ Blah blah blah.

You get on a bus, you go to the record store, you hang out and meet all these people who think and talk music and think like you, and your life is suddenly better.”

You can watch the conversation below.