During a recent interview with Consequence, Bruce Dickinson explained some points about Iron Maiden’s third studio album ‘The Number of the Beast.’ Dickinson mentioned why they did not use a usual singing booth while recording this album.

‘The Number of the Beast’ came out on March 22, 1982, and it was the 40th anniversary of it in the past days. It was the third album of Iron Maiden, while it was the first one with Bruce Dickinson as the vocalist. This album was an important step not only for Dickinson’s but also the band’s future.

In a previous interview, Dickinson mentioned ‘The Number of the Beast’ as a bridge between the worlds of Rainbow’s ‘Rising’ and Black Sabbath’s ‘Heaven and Hell.’ He said that they were great influences for him to create his music.

In a more recent conversation, Bruce Dickinson was asked how they used a ‘dilapidated kitchen’ instead of a usual singing booth while they were recording ‘The Number of the Beast.’ He explained that there was nothing in there except him. He added that the echo was very natural.

Dickinson’s statement about the record follows:

I did most of my vocals in a dilapidated kitchen. It had been stripped out, and there was nothing in there except a lot of wet plaster on the walls and me. So, to say there was a natural echo would be an understatement!”

You can watch the whole interview below.