Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson spoke in an interview wih Andreu Buenafuente during the recent episode of Late Motiv show from Spain.

Bruce talked about their sources for lyric-writing. He mentioned about an AC/DC song, and said:

“We write songs about death, resurrection, war, famine, plague, but it makes everybody happy. What could possibly go wrong? I mean, you come along and see one of our shows, and you get everything on display. The most recent tour we had took place in three acts, if you like, during the show.

We had war, which brings out both the best and the worst aspects of humanity. There’s all the drama there in war. And then we move on to religion, which brings out the best and the worst aspects of humanity. And then we go to, after religion, of course, you end up in hell, which brings out all the best and all the worst aspects of humanity.

‘Cause let’s face it: where are all the really cool people gonna be? If you’re gonna have a party, where is it gonna be? It’s gonna be in hell. Anybody who’s had any fun is gonna be down there… As AC/DC said, ‘Hell ain’t a bad place to be.'”

Listen to the song below.

He also talked about the band’s private plane, and said:

“Everybody thinks that… When we had the big airliners with Iron Maiden, they say, ‘Where is the Iron Maiden plane today?’ And I say, ‘Well, we haven’t got an Iron Maiden plane.’ There’s an expression: if it flies, floats or fornicates, rent it. And we rented it. We rented the airplane.

And I worked for the airline for nearly 10 years that we rented the airplane from. ‘Cause I worked as a full-time airline pilot. I had six and a half thousand hours of jet flying, taking people on holiday. They never came back. [Laughs]

Watch the entire interview below. Click here for the statement.