Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson was recently interviewed by Katie Daryl on AXS TV, in which he revealed that as a child, he was deeply impressed by Deep Purple’s music and they were his childhood heroes.

As Bruce Dickinson revealed before, he has many plans for 2022. He recently announced a North American spoken-word tour that will start on January 17, 2022, and end on March 30, 2022. The extensive tour is named ‘An Evening With Bruce Dickinson’ and it will involve two parts. In the first part, Dickinson will be reflecting on his own life and career, and then, it will be followed by a Q&A.

Dickinson’s latest solo album, ‘Tyranny of Souls,’ had been released in 2005 and the fans have been excitedly waiting for a new one for a long time. Iron Maiden singer gave the good news to the fans and said that after his spoken-word shows, he will focus on his upcoming solo album as he already has a lot of materials.

In the recent interview, Dickinson was asked to name his childhood heroes. While the interviewer was expecting to hear about the Iron Maiden icon’s favorite musicians, Bruce stated that his childhood heroes mostly involved astronauts and test pilots. However, his response wasn’t surprising for his fans since he is known for his interest in aviation as a pilot himself.

Later on, when it comes to music, Deep Purple was the first band that Dickinson remembered from his childhood. He implied that Deep Purple members were his childhood heroes and they were definitely influential on his interest in music.

Here are Bruce Dickinson’s words on his childhood heroes:

“When I was I suppose about six or seven, I was into astronauts and test pilots so I used to know the names of all these bizarre test pilots that people have never heard of. Peter Twist who broke the sound barrier twice in the Fairey Delta 2 for example, and Neville Duke who went supersonic in Hawker Hunter and almost inverted dive.

These are names that are meaningless to anybody in America but they are embedded in my brain. And astronauts and then I got into music so then it was you know all the guys like Deep Purple and stuff like that.”

You can watch the full interview below.