Iron Maiden’s lead vocalist Bruce Dickinson recently joined an interview with Classic Rock and looked back to the time he rejoined the band. Dickinson mentioned that he was stunned by Iron Maiden’s new exciting style.

Iron Maiden was looking for a new vocalist who would persist the group’s success in the early 80s after the departure of Paul Di’Anno. The person who would ensure the continuation of this triumph was Bruce Dickinson, the singer of the heavy metal band Samson at that period.

After Dickinson had a considerable influence on the heavy metal scene with Iron Maiden, he decided to focus on his solo career and left the band in 1993. Things did not go the way they wanted with the new frontman Blaze Bayley for Iron Maiden as the singer had health problems. Following the departure of Bayley, the band members asked Dickinson to return to the group in 1999.

As Dickinson shared in a past interview, he accepted this offer under one condition. The vocalist wanted the band to embrace innovation instead of creating what they did in the past. As he mentioned, he did not wish to return as a kind of reunion. After Dickinson’s participation, the group had one of their most magnificent tours.

In a recent conversation, Bruce Dickinson revealed he initially heard from Iron Maiden’s former manager Merck Mercuriadis that the band wanted him back. The vocalist discussed this with his bandmates and Roy Z. All of them told him to accept the offer as many people in the world wanted to listen to Iron Maiden.

Bruce Dickinson explained when the interviewer asked how he ended up returning to Iron Maiden, although he saw the probability of this was very low in the past:

“I think the first I heard of it was from Merck Mercuriadis, who was working with Sanctuary Music. I discussed it with Roy Z and the guys in the solo band. They told me: ‘The world needs Maiden. Go for it.'”

When the interviewer asked about his feelings after returning to Iron Maiden, Dickinson stated that he was astonished by the band’s new style. As the rocker mentioned, the group’s refreshed sound made him excited. After sensing this, he ensured that the band’s tour would be the best.

Bruce Dickinson continued in the same interview:

“After we got back and wrote together again, I was amazed how good it was. Honestly, the band felt brand new, fresh, and exciting. That’s when I nailed my colors to the mast about how confident I was that this would be the best Maiden tour ever.”

As Bruce Dickinson revealed in the conversation, Iron Maiden’s adoption of a fresh style was effective in his return to the band. He did not want this to be a regular reunion; instead, he wanted them to continue with a uniquely different style. When the rocker saw the innovation in the group, he was more eager to continue with Iron Maiden.