Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson recently spoke about his performances and how he likes to do the layout of his shows. He stated that he wants to tell a story to the audience more than recreating the typical rockstar image.

Bruce Dickinson is the vocalist of one of the most influential heavy metal bands ever. Throughout his career, he not only carried the band to success but was also engaged in some other unrelated activities. He became one of the rockers with different jobs and managed both lives at once.

It takes good time management and effort to maintain high-maintenance jobs, such as being a certified pilot. This wasn’t a problem for Dickinson; in fact, he recently revealed that he did not want to be a rockstar, but instead, he wanted to be a storyteller. The whole idea of going up on stage and headbanging for the crowd is not something Dickinson goes for.

He likes to entertain people, and so he makes them ask questions. He answers those questions in a specific order to create a story with their answers. Doing shows with Iron Maiden and going on stage interested him once he found out it’s a medium for comedy and entertainment.

Here is how he admitted his aim on stage:

“Um, I would have been intrigued!’ What am I going to talk about?’ A lot in my life hadn’t happened yet. You know, as I morphed from wanting to be a singer who wanted to be a rock star, and away from wanting to be a rock star to being a singer who was telling stories and entertaining people — and the medium happened to be Iron Maiden — that started to interest me a lot more.”

Dickinson is also an airline pilot who carried soldiers home from overseas during the years 2006 and 2008. He began learning how to fly back in 1990 and integrated both of his careers and has been successful.