Iron Maiden lead singer Bruce Dickinson spoke to Anders Bøtters Tiny TV and expressed his thoughts and feelings about the band’s latest album and emphasized that their fan base has been growing bigger and bigger for years.

After giving almost six years of a break following ‘The Book of Souls,’ Iron Maiden finally released their seventeenth studio album entitled ‘Senjutsu’ on September 3, 2021. The album got very positive reviews from their fans, who have been looking forward to listening to their new materials.

During his recent conversation, the famous singer drew attention to their dedicated fan base, which consists of people from different generations and resembled them to plywood. Along with the critical acclaim and commercial success they had received, Bruce Dickinson stated that they added another layer of their plywood thanks to ‘Senjutsu.’

Dickinson stated that sometimes people discover them from their latest album and want to listen to all of them. Therefore, Iron Maiden will keep adding thick layers and preserve their popularity and success with their new works. He also said that the band’s productivity is the primary source ensuring their existence.

Dickinson shared his ideas, saying:

“To put it superficially, I would say that Iron Maiden fans are a little bit like plywood — we get a new layer every year, and they all just stick together, so eventually we get a table that’s, like, ten feet thick. People are going, ‘How did you end up with a table ten feet thick?’

I said, ‘We just never lost a layer.’ Of course, we’ve got people that started in 1983, ’84, and we’ve got people that started in the years 2000, 2005, 2015 — generations and generations. People whose first album was ‘The Book Of Souls’. Then they went, ‘Ah, I like this band. ‘The Book Of Souls’. Cool. Yeah, yeah, yeah.’ ‘Oh my God.

They did another bunch of albums. What’s this thing? ‘The Number Of The Beast’. I never heard about that. Oh, this is cool.’ You go back and you get a chance to rediscover all the discography. I think this album will deliver us a very new thick layer of plywood and of course, where we exist — yeah, sure, we exist on albums and things, but where we really exist is on stage.”

You can watch the interview below.