Bruce Dickinson talked about the grand scale of the shows in Iron Maiden‘s tour update video, posted on the band’s official YouTube channel.

‘Senjutsu,’ Iron Maiden’s latest album released in six years, reached number 3 on the Billboard 200. The album achieved a new level of success for the rockers, surpassing even early classics like ‘Powerslave’ and ‘The Number Of The Beast’ in its chart performance.

Iron Maiden started their ‘Legacy of the Beast World Tour 2022’ in Croatia. Although the band faced a few setbacks, such as when they had to cancel their concert in Bologna due to dangerous weather conditions and the safety of everyone attending at the behest of the Italian government, other than that, they are on tour in front of their fans.

Recently, Dickinson said they are confident in getting the shows off to a strong start and continuing to raise audiences’ excitement levels. He added that the shows are big and epic. The Iron Maiden frontman also noted that if you can see the Acropolis, you should be able to deliver as a band.

Dickinson’s thoughts about Iron Maiden’s tour:

“Rather than everybody running around like headless chickens in the beginning, it’s just got this confidence to it. I mean, it’s big and epic. So, very good. It’s the sort of thing you want if you’re going to be playing somewhere, and you can see the Acropolis; big and epic!”

You can watch the video below.