According to report of Turkish news agency DHA, Iron Maiden’s frontman Bruce Dickinson spoke in an event called “Brand Week Istanbul 2017” and explained his thoughts about Iron Maiden fans.

Acually, the most interesting part of the speech was about Metallica .

Bruce Dickinson said (translated by Google Translate):

“I started flight training and I said, ‘How cool would it be to go to our concerts with our own aircraft?’ Now, We had a tour bus to fly. In the meantime, even if the plane parked somewhere for a month, it cost half a million dollars. So, we started to think about how to make it financially cheap. 

We also did not want our fans to turn into customers. Because if our fans become customers, they might turn into Metallica fans.

Joking aside, we have fans all over the world and wanted us to come to their country. However, going to all concerts with airplanes would be very expensive.

Then, we have a 3-year deal with a company in South Africa and we have created our company. I guess, the most photographed plane in the world is probably our plane.

You can read original Turkish news here.