Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson spoke in a chat with livestreamed Q&A Session on Facebook and explained how Iron Maiden stay together for so long.

Here’s the secret behind Iron Maiden’s longecity:

I wish I could tell you. Again, I allude to that in the book, and the closest I can get is the porridge has to be just right. All familiar with the fairytale story ‘The Three Bears’? ‘Too hot, too cold, just right.’ And bands are like that, personalities are like that. 

We’re fragile little organisms, really. Even though we have loads of trucks and make lots of noise and things like that, the relationships in the band are quite fragile.

But with Maiden, we’re very lucky that we’re all born of the same mothership, which is Iron Maiden, and our loyalty is primarily to Maiden and probably then to each other. Which makes life really kind of easy in terms of getting on with your fellow bandmates.

Because you give everybody space, ’cause we realize that we’re all there together to do the same thing, which is to deliver an amazing Iron Maiden show or an amazing Iron Maiden record or do whatever it takes to do that. So that’s the secret.

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