Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson explained what he has been doing during his solo spoken-word tour during a recent appearance on Minnesota radio station 93X.

Back in April 2021, Bruce announced that he would be going on a solo tour named ‘An Evening With Bruce Dickinson,’ during which he will meet with the audience face-to-face and chat about his life.

Bruce revealed in July that he wanted to organize such an event after releasing his autobiography book, ‘What Does This Button Do?’ but he wanted to make it more interesting by adding some storylines. The show started in August, and it still continues today. Right now, it has two dates for both October and December.

However, most Iron Maiden fans who haven’t attended the event often wonder what Dickinson talks about during these shows. In the conversation, Bruce revealed that he tells the story of how a little kid became a singer of Iron Maiden and his battle against cancer.

Furthermore, the legendary singer pointed out that he is telling these stories and talking about his personality by using a very dark sense of humor to make it more fun. Afterward, he continues with improvising for about an hour.

Bruce Dickinson explained his tour in the interview:

“It’s a look at how a spotty kid from the middle of nowhere ended up being the singer in Iron Maiden wearing crazy trousers, and all points in between. And it covers the cancer thing.

It covers a lot of the early-days stuff, like how I learned to sing, all the weird stuff that happened to me at school, and what formed your personality, character — all done with a very dark sense of humor, I hope.

And then we take a break, and then the last 45 minutes, one hour-ish is basically improv. And so what I do is I take cue cards from the audience they write on the night, and I arrange them into kind of an improv script. Then I do that. That’s the show.”

Later in the conversation, Bruce also talked about the possibility of continuing his spoken-word tour and said that he thinks about adding 35 dates for the winter, but he hasn’t done an official press release yet.