In his recent Twitter post, Grand Funk Railroad guitarist Bruce Kulick commemorated his late brother Bob Kulick who passed away two years ago, mentioning his contributions to KISS.

Bob Kulick worked with many notable names like Alice Cooper, Meat Loaf, and Lou Reed as a successful guitarist and record producer in the music scene. KISS was among these names, and he contributed to the group as a guitarist in 1972 when he impressed Simmons, Stanley, and Criss during the audition.

Though Ace Frehley got the part, Kulick played for many tracks in KISS’ albums entitled ‘Alive II,’ ‘Killers,’ and ‘Creatures of The Night.’ He also became a part of Paul Stanley’s solo album, released in 1978, besides his solo tour held in 1989.

Unfortunately, the musician passed away in 2020 from natural causes due to heart disease, as his brother Bruce Kulick revealed in his official Facebook account. Bob’s family and people who loved him were shocked by his sudden passing.

In the Facebook post, Bruce penned:

“He passed away in his home from natural causes due to heart disease. Sadly, I was unaware that my brother had complained to his doctor about chest pains and heart palpitations. I recently discovered this by looking at his medical papers, and I believe he was due to be treated, but the pandemic might have prevented it. For me, this was a shock, as it was so sudden.”

The other day was the second year of Bob’s passing. In his recent tweet, his brother Bruce Kulick stated that Bob was very proud of his contributions to KISS. Bruce paid homage to his brother by sharing the video he created for Bob’s tribute.

Kulick wrote in his words:

“He was very proud of his KISS contributions. Celebrate his life with this tribute to him from last year. RIP, Bob Kulick.”

You can see the tweet below.