The iconic rockstar Bruce Springsteen recently posted a tweet on his Twitter account that included an emotional letter and sent his condolences to his long-time promoter, Michael Gudinskis family while recalling the amazing times that they had together.

There is no doubt that Bruce Springsteen is one of the most famous rockstars of all time and his most successful album was definitely ‘Born in the U.S.A‘ which was released in 1984, came to be known as one of the best-selling albums in history, and was certified 15× platinum in the United States.

Being such a well-known artist obviously meant two things; that Bruce Springsteen worked with a great promoter who found the best ways to advertise the talent of the iconic rockstar, and that Springsteen had the chance to travel all around the world and gain numerous professional experiences.

He released a statement on his Twitter account in which he paid tribute to his amazing promoter and said that although he has traveled the world for the past fifty years, he’s never seen a better promoter than Michael Gudinski. He went on to say that he had an excellent character and that he was always a music man.

Springsteen joked about the times when Michael Gudinski would be so psyched about something that Bruce would need an interpreter to understand what he was saying as he would speak too fast. He paid his respects to Gudinsky and said that he will always be remembered for his great character and heart, and efforts in the world of music.

This is what Springsteen said about his letter in his tweet:

“A statement on the death of our great Australian promoter, Michael Gudinski.”

Here’s what Bruce Springsteen said in his letter:

“My friend Michael Gudinski was first, last, and always a music man. I’ve toured the world for the last fifty years and never met a better promoter. Michael always spoke with a deep rumbling voice, and the words would spill out so fast that half the time I needed an interpreter. But I could hear him clear as a bell when he would say, ‘Bruce, Ive got you covered.’ And he always did. He was loud, always in motion, intentionally (and unintentionally) hilarious, and deeply soulful. He will be remembered by artists, including this one, from all over the world every time they step foot on Australian soil. My deepest condolences to his wife and partner Sue and to the whole Gudinski family, of which he was so proud.

-Bruce Springsteen”

You can check out Bruce Springsteen’s tweet below.