In an interview with Rolling Stone, the legendary musician Bruce Springsteen talked about his latest album, ‘Letter to You,’ and shared his personal opinions on Bob Dylan and The Rolling Stones‘ music recalling the very first time he heard of them.

As you may know, the iconic American singer and songwriter Bruce Springsteen released his 20th album named ‘Letter to You‘ on October 23, 2020. Springsteen worked with his regular backing band E Street Band for the album which consisted of 12 tracks.

Here’s how Springsteen depicted his highly-anticipated new album:

“The record is the first record that I’ve made where the subject is the music itself… It’s about popular music. It’s about being in a rock band, over the course of time. And it’s also a direct conversation between me and my fans, at a level that I think they’ve come to expect over the years.”

Recently, Bruce Springsteen joined a conversation with Rolling Stone magazine to discuss his new album. During the interview, Bruce also responded to some questions about the music he inspired by the most back when he started his music career.

The interviewer wanted to know what Bruce was thinking about the iconic musician Bob Dylan and he revealed the first time he heard Dylan on the radio which he described as a life-changing moment.

Here’s what Bruce Springsteen stated about Bob Dylan and The Rolling Stones:

“I liked The Rolling Stones, I’ve heard the songs of Bob Dylan that were the hit songs on the radio, but I didn’t hear all the early Bob Dylan records.

I first heard Bob when he was on Top 40 radio, that must have been ’64 or ’65 – so that changed my life.”

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